A spring institution – from the hard-to-describe flavour to the multiple health benefits of this superfood, April, May & June are made even more enjoyable with the arrival of this little marvel.

Grow your Own
◦ Dig trenches 12 inches wide and 6 inches deep.// Soak the crowns in compost tea for 20 minutes before planting (water with compost in) // Place the crowns in the trenches 1½ to 2 feet apart // Top them with 2 to 3 inches of soil // Water well and watch them grow // They’re ready to be picked at about 9 inches.


Spring is a perfect time for lamb, when our award-winning butchers can source high quality, Great British, naturally-reared lamb from the West Country.

The perfect flavour and tenderness of the meat comes as a result of the herb-filled coastal grazing pastures, which keeps the lamb in superb condition.


The fishermen in this region only pick the largest crabs and return the rest safely to fully mature, this means the sweet flavour is never compromised and quality is always the very best.

The pot method of fishing is kind to the seabed and also ensures other sea-life doesn’t get captured or hurt. Recognised by the Marine Conservation Society as one of the most sustainable locations for pot-caught crab in the UK, we wouldn’t source our crab from anywhere else.

Marsh Samphire

When it comes to pairing samphire, the taste and texture are so distinctive that you’re looking for soft, creamy, delicate flavours to go with it. A perfect dish would be fishcakes, hollandaise & samphire for example, and we’ve created a cheat’s version of our fishcakes for that speedy yet impressive dinner party!

Buy some good quality pre-made fishcakes (Waitrose & M&S have the best ones) and serve with a drizzle of hollandaise (good quality versions can also be picked up easily in shops), serve with a poached egg, pan-fried samphire and a shell-on king prawn – not as good as ours but it certainly is a cracker if you’re looking to impress last minute!

Grass-fed Beef

When it comes to beef, we believe quality and provenance are two crucial ingredients to achieving our goals for ethical and responsible sourcing. To help us achieve this, we only buy our beef from Aubrey Allen, award-winning specialist butchers for grass-fed beef. Aubrey Allen’s superior dry-ageing process adds flavour and texture to the meat which is hung for 28 days, resulting in a more tender meat.